Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I was picked as one of the finalists for Dwell's 'pimp my sofa' competition. The event was held at 
'The Hospital' club last week and the winning designs will be displayed in flagship stores across the country.
Unfortunately I couldn't make the event as my boyfriend James was in a bike accident and punctured his lung and fractured some ribs, so i spent it in A&E. He is now thankfully on the mend. 

Hand drawn illustrative print that takes the cutsey and kitsch and warps them to compose a contemporary and individual piece of artwork that will make the viewer look before they sit

Reupholstered Chair using digital print onto a Cotton Velvet

Can you go to this link and vote for me please.....

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


 My 1969 Cheltenham Caravan was home to 
a collection of eccentric textiles and cat lady.

'The Cat's Mother'  took it on a journey,
taking a whole load of pussies with her.

Latitude festival was her first destination

Then 'the secret garden party'

and Bestival

  broadway market

Acrylic Kitten was to be it's last exhibition .

It was later stolen from Hackney Wick never to be seen again,
so if you have any news of it's where abouts, please get in touch

I like to think it's somewhere sunny and home to a family of cats.